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“Profit first.” This is the mantra of many companies. Profit before team, before client, before all else. When I began Bezaleel — later to be known as rocketwise — I did so with a focus on building relationships.

At a previous job, I was told that a client had called in with an issue. The response from management was that “it was probably just a dumb issue like a mouse not plugged in” and that the client was “too stupid to figure it out.” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and I couldn’t have disagreed more. First, the client was managing a company with over 200 employees and many millions of dollars in revenue and projects. She was by no means stupid. On the contrary, she was overwhelmingly smart and capable. Of course, that doesn’t make her an expert at what we do — technology.

In my mind, the relationship between the client and our team was very simple. She knew more about her business than I did. Likewise, I knew more about technology than she did. Once she and I could meet in the middle, I could help her figure out how to leverage the technology to do more for her business.

Along the way, I could learn more about how her business functions and think of ways that technology could be used to optimize her efficiency. How can we help them do more with less? What else could they accomplish if we automated mundane tasks? How can we help them deliver more to their customers? It boggles my mind that so many technology companies consistently waste the opportunity to use their tech savvy to make a real world difference in people’s lives and businesses. When relationship isn’t placed first, wasted opportunities abound.

Since I stepped out on my own, the company and I have never lacked business opportunities. I am honored to say we have great clients, great friendships, and work that we truly enjoy. It’s been a wonderful 20 years serving the Carolinas and the Southeast. My family and team couldn’t be more appreciative of everyone who has entrusted us with their business’s needs. We’re excited about our future and the opportunity to serve new and different businesses every day.

If your business is in need of creative IT minds to free up your time and take your business’s productivity to a whole new level, you know who to call!

Kevin Landers
President, rocketwise

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