Virtual Faxing

More secure and more efficient faxing at a lower cost

If you hate your fax machine, you are not alone. No one wants a clunky, dusty fax machine taking up desk space, hogging electricity all day and wasting valuable paper and ink on middle-of-the-night spam faxes. Next-gen fax technology is here, and it’s called Virtual Faxing.

Virtual Faxing costs less than traditional fax machines and supplies, consumes less energy, has more confidentiality and security from cyberthreats built into it, and is free of physical malfunctions like paper jams. It’s time to ditch your old fax machine and start doing things digitally. The rocketwise team can help.

“Save time and money, and increase the security of your
faxed documents with Virtual Faxing from rocketwise.”

Virtual Faxing from rocketwise is:

  • Cheaper – next-gen fax machines are less than $100, and can be as cheap as $35
  • Free from recurring fees – say goodbye to the constant cost of paper, ink, and machine maintenance
  • More efficient – even in standby mode, older fax machines are energy hogs; online faxes are transmitted whether your workstation is on or off
  • More confidential – physical faxes can easily be grabbed by the wrong person, but digital faxes are sent only to the intended recipient
  • A more productive method – no more bottlenecks caused by paper jams or depleted ink and toner

Meets all our needs

“As a small business, we cannot afford disruptions to our IT systems. The network rocketwise set up meets all of our needs and is user friendly.”

Belinda Pratt
Head of International Operations
XRCEL New World Consumer Products

Is your company ready to take on South Carolina,
Tennessee, and beyond?

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